The Road to Bomkpa Part 3

This week, MHC concludes its special report on Bomkpa, one of Ghana's most isolated villages. The bridge that connects the village to the rest of the country is broken. We hear more testimonies from the people's meeting and discuss how best to improve access to essential health services. Will the Ghana Army come to the rescue and construct the broken bridge? Capt. Quashigah of the 48th Engineering Regiment joins the discussion.


Friday, 21 June on TV3 at 8:30pm
Friday, 21 June on GTV at 9:00pm

After months of research, pre-production and an impressive launch, MHC went live on 21 Febuary 2013 on GTV and TV3, Ghana's leading television stations.

“Very impressed. Congrats!” - Prof Sai, Godfather of maternal health.Vital. Should broaden the national health debate” – Daily Graphic.
“A real litmus test for Ghana” – CNN

“First of its kind in Ghana and possibly Africa” – The Guardian
"Expected to reach 8-10 million viewers per week" - Soul Beat Africa
"Very much a channel - a road or conduit to connect people" - Women's Media Center


The Lights Have Gone Out Again

"The Lights Have Gone Out Again" is a moving investigation into the high incidence of maternal deaths in Ghana. Filmed in diverse locations across Ghana, it tells powerful stories about the challenges that women confront as they seek care from the health services. It features key advocates, policy makers and leading health practitioners and highlights issues that hitherto had not featured highly in the national health debate.

The much talked about intro to the weekly MHC programmes on TV was filmed by Florentine Ionita, the London based visual effects director in a special collaboration with Creative Storm Networks. It was filmed in different locations in August 2012 and captures a pregnancy related emergency. The idea of locating a small Ghanaian village from space seemed a daunting task initially but not for long.