The Road to Kute-Buem Part 1 - Watch Now

The Maternal Health Channel goes in search of quality healthcare in the deepest interior of rural Ghana. On our way to Kute-Buem, MHC makes a stop at the Bodada Health Centre in Bodada, Jasikan district . In In these areas, telecom signals barely work, and the broken dirt roads lead to more broken dirt roads. The Roving Crew discussed with staff how people in these villages access essential healthcare services.


Situated in the Jasikan District and overlooking the green hills that divide Ghana and Togo, the health centre is supported by two health workers featured in this documentary.

Facts about Jasikan District

Jasikan District is located in the northern sector of the Volta Region. It provides a convenient link between the south-eastern parts of the country to the Northern Region. The Republic of Togo borders the district on the east, the north by Kedjebi District and the south by Hohoe District. The district capital is Jasikan.

Health Status

The district has 12 health facilities made up of public and private hospitals, clinics and health posts. The main public hospital is Jasikan Hospital. There is also a private Clinic and health posts scattered over the district.