The Children of Salaga Part 2 - Watch Now

In Dagbani, Salaga comes from the word salsi which means a "place of abode". Is Salaga Hospital the best "abode of care" for the children of Salaga? The second report broadens the discussion to consider Ghana's commitment to the right of children to improved health care. The documentary features some evocative pictures from MHC photographer, Desire Clarke. The studio discussion features, Dr. Juliette Tuakli, consultant pediatrician and public health specialist and Dr. Aniban Chartejee, Head of Health and Nutrition, UNICEF.

Facts About Salaga

Salaga is in Ghana's Northern Region and capital of East Gonja District.

Health Status

The Salaga Government Hospital is the main health centre in the area. It is faced with a myriad of challenges, including lack of beds, modern medical equipment and few health professionals. The hospital has 1 doctor. A large percentage of patients on admission including pregnant women and children have to sleep on floors inside the wards and outside.