The Road to Bomkpa Part 1 - Watch Now

Bomkpa is one of the most isolated villages in Northern Ghana. You can hardly find it on the map. The village is also unique because the people have never seen a doctor, a professional midwife or even a health assistant. The nearest hospital is at Salaga, several hours by motorbike. That is if you can cross the river. The bridge is broken. The MHC Roving Film Crew made a memorable trip to Bomkpa to the file one of the most fascinating reports of the series.


Bomkpa is located in the Gonja District of Northen Ghana. It is home to over3,000 inhabitants. Bomkpa cannot be located on most maps. A river separates the village and the outside world. The bridge over the river collapsed several years ago. Mobile communication is not possible at most times.

Health Status

Inhabitants of Bomkpa have never seen doctor or professional midwife. Health care services are non-existent. The nearest hospital is in Salaga, which is several hours away by bicycle or motorbike. The roads are in a bad state.