The Road to Bomkpa Part 3

This week, MHC concludes its special report on Bomkpa, one of Ghana's most isolated villages. The bridge that connects the village to the rest of the country is broken. We hear more testimonies from the people's meeting and discuss how best to improve access to essential health services. Will the Ghana Army come to the rescue and construct the broken bridge? Capt. Quashigah of the 48th Engineering Regiment joins the discussion.

Facts About Bomkpa

Bomkpa is located in the Northen Region of Ghana, in the East Gonja district. It is home to over 2,000 inhabitants. Bomkpa is so remote that it is near impossible to find it on any map of Ghana. There are no proper roads in the area, and residents have to cross a river to reach any community nearby. A handmade log bridge used to provide safe passage across the river, but it collapsed several years ago. As is expected, communication networks are all but non-existent in the area.

Health Status

Inhabitants of Bomkpa have never seen or experienced a doctor or professional midwife providing health care services in the area. The nearest hospital is in Salaga, which is several hours away on bicycle or motorbike, and given the state of the roads, getting there is extremely difficult.