Maternal Health Channel

The Maternal Health Channel Television and Radio Series (MHC) is conceptualized as an engaging, state of the art series that informs, educates and stimulates interest in maternal health issues. One of its key objectives is to encourage further progress towards improved maternal health care in Ghana, whilst seeking urgent solutions to the high incidence of maternal deaths and disabilities. The project strives to achieve this by encouraging the widest possible public policy dialogue and building positive synergies for change within the health sector and the country at large. The project is unique. It utilizes a multiplicity of media including television and radio, the electronic, print and social media and community activations to raise awareness about maternal health issues. As a civil society initiative, it seeks to expand the maternal health debate by bringing to national and international attention, stories and issues that empower women and give voice to poor, marginalized communities. Television is still hugely popular in Ghana and gives powerful resonance to the awareness campaign. Many families in both urban and rural Ghana still gather around the television box for most of the evening. It is said that a picture tells a thousand words. Moving images, sound and engaging dialogue do much more. Consequently, the Maternal Health Channel Television Series has become an engaging medium to mobilize and unify consensus around such a critical health issue. Radio expands the impact by extending the reach to more communities across the country.

Creative Storm Networks(CSN) are leading communicators for social development in Ghana with a strong reputation for social documentaries, radio and television production, managing events and streaming highly effective social marketing campaigns. CSN was founded and registered in Ghana in 2005 as a non-profit organization to work with others to promote poverty alleviation, social equity and democratic governance through mass education and communication. With a wealth of experience derived locally and internationally, CSN was established to lead the way in multimedia production and communications in Ghana, for the benefit, especially of social development actors, civil society and underserved communities. Since 2005, Creative Storm Networks has partnered NGO's and social organizations in Ghana and abroad, including UNICEF, WHO and the Carter Centre on a range of successful campaigns. Creative Storm is a "one stop" production house and produces all the media outputs for its campaigns. This brings focused messaging and consistency to our targeted audiences. CSN are organizers of the acclaimed Environmental Film Festival of Accra and producers of the Environmental Channel, Ghana's dedicated television series on the enviroment.