Maternal Health Channel Goes Live!

After months of research, pre-production and an impressive launch, MHC went live on 21 Febuary 2013 on GTV and TV3, Ghana's leading television stations. “Very impressed. Congrats!” - Prof Sai, Godfather of maternal health. “Vital. Should broaden the national health debate” – Daily Graphic.

“A real litmus test for Ghana” – CNN
“First of its kind in Ghana and possibly Africa” – The Guardian
"Expected to reach 8-10 million viewers per week" - Soul Beat Africa
"Very much a channel - a road or conduit to connect people" - Women's Media Center


Visual Effects Expert Joins MHC Team

Florent the renowned British digital artist arrived in Ghana in August 2013 to film the introduction to the Maternal Health TV programme, in a special collaboration with Creative Storm Networks. Filming took place in the Volta and Greater Accra Regions and at the new Trauma and Specialist Hospital in Winneba. Post production saw the creation of the space graphics that has given the TV programme such a distinctive look. "It was very creative and fun doing this and for such an important cause" said Flo, as he would like to be called.

MHC Goes Live on JOY 99.7 FM

MHC Goes Live on JOY 99.7 FM, Ghana’s premiere radio station from Saturday 1st June 2013. “We are very excited about this” said Arnold Asafu  - Adyaye,  the presenter. “MHC has had a lot of radio play but this is our own show! It’s the first of a systematic roll out involving 50 radio stations across Ghana”   The weekly Saturday show aims at getting people talking about the TV Programmes and maternal health issues generally.  A key feature is phone in for instant public feedback. You can catch the programme live on JOY 99.7 FM.

Prof. Sai Gets Ghana's Pulse Running!

Prof Fred Sai recognized for his contributions to the field of family health  was presented with a certificate of appreciation by Emefa, Ghana's Most Beautiful 2012 , on behalf of MHC. The presentation took place at the press briefing to introduce the  programme on his works. Prof Sai spoke candidly about Ghana’s missed opportunities with family planning and sparked extensive discussions across the country after the programme was aired in April 2013.

Ivy Prosper joins MHC roving crew

Ivy Prosper joins the Maternal Health Channel Television Series as a reporter of the Roving Film Crew. She is a writer, public speaker and freelance television presenter. Her background is primarily in the fashion business with a strong passion and desire to do things that motivate and empower women. As a public speaker she has spoken to thousands of young women in Canada about issues concerning self-esteem, positive image and confidence. Her passion to encourage and empower women through education, workshops and motivational events led her to become part of the team working towards the mission of improving maternal health for women in Ghana.

MHC Cameraman wins award

Nana Yaw Yeboah, member of the MHC Roving Film Crew won the Best Workshop Project Award for his short film, “Waiting” at the Luxor African Film Festival in Egypt. He beat off stiff competition from film makers from 20 African countries. Well done!

Message To Bloggers

I think The Maternal Health Channel is one of the best media initiatives in Ghana I have ever seen. It is massive, well thought out and quite digital (facebook, vimeo, tumblr, on Twitter use hashtag #mhcghana). If you agree with my sentiments or, better yet, with their mission to save more mothers and babies in Ghana, please spread to your networks, discuss online, blog on it and watch the programme.
Kajsa Hallberg Adu - Blogger.

MHC Engages The Public

Following the TV broadcasts, MHC have led discussions on maternal health issues across Ghana. These discussions have been hosted by community groups and health organizations, students and professional associations. The first coincided with the debut programme and organized by women students at the University of Ghana, Legon. Since then, our community mobilization team have visited hospitals, ante natal clinics, churches and community gatherings. The audience usually watch the programme and engage in lively discussions afterwards.

MHC at Women Deliver 2013

Dr. Kwesi Owusu, MHC’s Executive Producer made a presentation about MHC at the Women Deliver 2013 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr. Gloria Quansah of Ghana Health Service and Dennia Gayle of UNPFA also spoke about Ghana’s latest efforts to improve maternal health care.

Empowering The Marginalised

Speaking to the press after the launch in February 2013,  Dr. Kwesi Owusu, Executive Producer of MHC described the project as a civil society initiative that recognizes the right of all citizens to improved health. Through the television and radio series, MHC  seeks to broaden the national debate by incorporating the voices of marginalized communities and putting public accountability on the front burner. Ultimately MHC aims to complement a national effort to inform, educate and stimulate interest in maternal health issues, whilst seeking urgent solutions to the tragedy of deaths and disabilities.